Having A Mature And Adult Mind

Tuesday 31 January 2017 kl. 08:53

Me and my wife are married for already a decade and we do still love each other so much as the day we were married. Many would say that we are a match made in heaven and it is very rare to find speciallyin modern times where there are a lot of temptations and technology to do so. Our relationship was based on friendship and respect then comes the physical attraction and love, which I think make the bond so strong and there is also the fulfillment of our adult urges. offers some in-depth insights on porn.

But after ten years of being married, we were not blessed by a child and we would like already to raise up one as we are not getting any younger and we hope to see our kid grow up and finish college before we retire. We are now looking into a baby maker who can carry our baby to term and with all the legal papers and expertise, after which it is still our very own flesh and blood as the baby comes from the two of us and it is just being carried by a surrogate mother.

We have to undergo several tests to see its compatibility and some other factors as well to be ensured of the safety of the baby. We are both very excited now that we can finally have our very own baby and soon to have our little bundle of joy to further brighten our house and we have another thing to look forward to when we get home from work aside from taking care of each other.

And see our very own child grow up step by step and says his first word and does his first step and we have to bring him to school and fetch him after, and it would be an exciting journey.

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